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Mountain Soul Wellness now has the InnerSoul Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™, offering you a new way of healing using sound and vibration. 

Advanced technology sound bed 

On Sarah's continuous journey to find the best new tools and techniques to better serve the clients of Mountain Soul Wellness, she discovered the healing power of vibroacoustic sound therapy. After researching and testing the sound bed in-depth, she realized this would be a perfect addition to the advanced services clients can choose from.


Vibroacoustic therapy brings relaxation, relief from pain, and deepens meditation. The state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Transducers in the InnerSoul Tranquility Liquid Sound Table™ provide the most sophisticated delivery, bathing and cocooning you with sound and vibrational frequencies enhanced through water. 

Since our bodies are nearly 60% water the sound gently permeates our cells allowing a gentle massage from the inside, as well as out.  Lay on the liquid sound table and feel water transmit the sound efficiently to your body while floating in incredible comfort on the water waves. As your body is bathed in warm sound and soothing vibroacoustic vibrations, you'll be able to relax.

what is vibroacoustic therapy?

This non-invasive, energy-based alternative health approach to wellness has been used for over 40 years to successfully treat patients. VibroAcoustic Sound Therapy (VAT) is a science-based treatment that can reduce stress, relieve pain, restore balance and enhance the quality of life.


How does it do this?


The mellow sound and gentle vibration of this device can help provide a calming massage. It is specifically designed to address the issues that audio is helpful for, such as retuning your body back into equilibrium so that other important bodily systems are in balance again.


VAT introduces the healthy vibration of cells into the body through the treatment table. This results in a healthy, soothing response in our cells. These frequencies range between 25Hz and 1000Hz and are applied directly to the body through our treatment table with a water-filled mattress. VAT produces this beneficial frequency that resonates within us - it's how we naturally heal at the cellular level. Do you know the feeling of the bass in your chest during a concert? It is kind of like that.

This experience creates a space where deep relaxation can happen. It relieves symptoms like stress and brings the body into a healthy state of synchronization. 

Low-frequency frequencies are usually emitted through speakers called transducers, these can be embedded inside custom tables with water bladders. As a person’s body has contact with the embedded speakers, it provides therapeutic benefits. It comes to you through two different senses: it is felt by the body as vibration and heard by the ears as sound.

This sound bed is designed to stimulate nerve bundles along the spine, up into the brain stem, and then through the limbic system. The sound also stimulates the medulla in the brain stem and activates your auditory nerve. These reactions cause the body to relax and release mood-lifting chemicals. They also cause a relaxation in the cellular tissue and an increase in blood flow, which helps with lymphatic discharge by opening the pathways.

What Can it be used for?

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This incredible treatment can be used for injuries, chronic conditions, relaxation, anxiety, and sleep issues...just to name a few. 

Here is a fraction of what Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy modality can help address:

  •  Neck, Shoulder and Back pains & Backache

  • Stomach pains/colic

  • Symptoms of autoimmune diseases like MS

  • Constipation, Irregular Bowel Syndrome

  • Arthritis including RA

  • Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's

  • Stroke

  • Impaired blood circulation

  • Insomnia

  • Sport injuries

  • Stress

  • Menstrual pains 

  • Headache, Migraine

  • Fibromyalgia/Fibrositis

  • Kidney stones

  • Post-operative conditions including knee and hip replacements

  • Autism

  • Rett Syndrome

... and many more

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